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All about English Learning Institutes in Malaysia

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English has been so popular in Malaysia for the last several years, that it has now almost become a second language for the country. Increasing globalization, influx of thousands of international students into the country and the overall growing interest to learn the language in order to achieve an international stature – has all led several English Language Centers to open in Malaysia.


Few important pointers about English Language Institutes in Malaysia

Before you decide to do an English language course in one of the English Language centers in Malaysia, you need to get the following questions answered.

  1. What is the average cost of an English Course in Malaysia?
  2. Which are the best English Language centers?
  3. What is the duration of an English course in Malaysia?
  4. Are there any English language centers in Kuala Lumpur?
  5. What are the courses available in English Language?

Given the vast number of English language centers in the country, it could be quite a challenge to choose the best one for you. We make it easier for you by listing the top English Language centers in Malaysia, and why you should consider them. Our analysis of these institutes are based on few parameters, like

  1. The affordability of the course in terms of cost
  2. The feedback from students – both past and present
  3. The location of the institute and its accessibility
  4. The English teaching faculty
  5. The amenities and services provided in the campus for the students

Based on the above parameters, we have listed the top English language centers in Malaysia.


Why do you need to study English in Malaysia?

To enroll in one of the Malaysian Universities – One of the pre-requisites of getting into one of the Malaysian Universities is your English language certificate. Students must present a minimum score of 550 in TOEFL or a  6-year IELTS degree.

Some institutes do not mandate an English Language certificate for registration. For those institutes, the student must enroll themselves for an English language course at the Malaysian Universities; after which they can go ahead with their formal education.

Medium of Instruction in Universities – In the Malaysian universities, the main medium of instruction is English and it is taught at all school levels in the country. Owing to its cosmopolitan culture, the country experiences an influx of students from all parts of the world, and the common language of communication is often only English.

Overall growth - Whether it is for personal knowledge and interest or for social interaction, or simply to excel in your academic and professional endeavors, English will always help you develop into a well-groomed individual in a multi-lingual environment like Malaysia.


What do the best English Language Centers have in common?

The best English language centers in Malaysia have the following attributes:

Trained Faculty - The English instructors at the private language centers are all experienced and highly-qualified. The faculty is warm and friendly, approachable, dedicated and mature individuals who are focused on the all-round development and success of their students.

Modern Training Methodology – The method of teaching at these English language institutes is highly collaborative and communicative in nature. Classes are interactive and teaching is often a two-way street, with students participating in role-plays, brainstorming, group discussions and  problem-solving exercises etc. This way, the students get to apply what they learn then and there.

Personal Attention – Since courses in most of these institutes are spread across convenient modules depending on the aptitude of the students, personal attention is given to each student to ensure that no one falls behind. This helps students to progress faster and grasp better.

Affordable – Although fees for these English language centers might vary from one another, it is important to keep in mind that higher fees doesn’t mean better education. Higher in fees is primarily due to the geographical location and the services/amenities offered by the institute.


English Learning centers in Malaysia

  1. Asia Pacific Language Center
  2. Awesome English Language Institute
  3. London English Academy
  4. Sheffield Academy