Malay Literature

All about Malay Literature program in University Putra Malaysia (UPM), like Intake date, Tuition fees, Scholarship, Faculty, Campus and etc.

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Malay Literature

Faculty: Modern Language & Communication
Qualification: Ph.D (Research based)


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Subject: Languages
Duration: 5 Years
Tuition Fee (Totally):


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What will you learn?

The programme aims to equip candidates with in-depth knowledge of theories and practices relevant to the field of Malay Literature. In this programme, the candidate is exposed to the latest developments in Malay Literature in line with their research needs. The programme aims to train professionals from public and private sectors, lecturers from public and private institutions of higher learning, from within and outside the country to be specialists in the Malay Literature.


The applicant must have a Master's Degree in Malay or a related field from a recognized university.

Applicants earning a Master's Degree with research and coursework are eligible to apply for this program if they achieve CGPA of 3.00.

Applicants earning a Master's Degree with coursework are eligible to apply for this program if they achieve CGPA 3.50.


Core areas of emphasis

Career prospects

• Business executive. • Human relations manager. • Public relations manager. • Marketing executive. • Teaching. • Media planner. • Web content manager. • Lecturer • Researcher

Tuition Fees

Totally (USD) Yearly (USD)
$ 9975 $ 1995
$ 1995
$ 1995
$ 1995
$ 1995

Course Details:

Duration: 4-5 Years Intakes: February, September

Scholarships for Post-graduate studies:

Fellowships, scholarships, assistantships are usually available for postgraduate students wishing to study in Malaysia, depending either on availability within the institution and your academic qualifications. Additionally, a number of scholarships are available from other institutions and organisations, such as the Malaysian government.


  • GRA (Graduate Research Assistantship)
  • GRF (Graduate Research Fellowship)
  • Financial Aid for Local Graduate Students to Undertake Overseas Research Attachment
  • Financial Aid to Attend International Seminar/Conference/Symposium
  • IGRF (International Graduate Research Fellowship)
  • IGSS (International Graduate Student Scholarship)
  • SGRA (Special Graduate Research Allowance)
  • PASS (Putra Alumni Scholarship Scheme)


Campus (Main Campus)

Jalan UPM, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

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