UPM is situated about 20KM South of Kuala Lumpur in a town called Serdang.

  • Full Address of UPM: Jalan UPM, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.

How we can help?

We help the students who are seeking admission in UPM University (Or any other University in Malaysia), in everything from the application process and visa application and documentation to arranging for their accommodation – and even arrange to pick up the students from the airport and all in FREE of charge. We make the students familiar with the life in Malaysia and in UPM University, with the help of our extended services that will make every student feel at home.

We can help the aspirants of UPM University with –

  • Admission Process
  • Visa Application
  • Accommodation/Room Booking
  • Final Registration

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Eligibility for Admission in in University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Undergraduate Entry Requirements
  • High School Certificate with at least C+ grade in three subjects.
  • 65% in three subjects in the Final Level of Secondary Education.
  • Pass in the University Entrance Exam.
  • Fulfilled special requirements for each UPM Bachelor program.

    The required documents:
  • UPM Offer Letter.
  • UPM Non-Graduating Letter.
  • Receipt of UPMET Registration.
  • Receipt of UPM Program Fees (RM1,526.00).
  • Passport.

Master Degree Entry Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA of 3 out of 4 or equivalent, in a related field 
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with minimum CGPA 2.75 out of 4, in a related field, can be accepted in some coursework programs


Master Programs (Research)
  • A Bachelor degree (with honor) in a relevant field with a minimum CGPA of 3.000.

Doctoral Degree Entry Requirements

  • Amaster degreein a relevant field (by research or coursework) with a minimum grade of B.


  • All of the international students need to buy the HEALTH INSURANCE SCHEME FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS straight from the Insurance Company associated with UPM. The insurance company employees will be existing at Block A, UPM International Division every Monday and Thursday from 9.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m.
  • Registration for new students from August 28, to September 08.
  • Starting out September 11, a delayed registration fee of RM100.00 will surely be charged.
  • All of the students will need to register a minimum of 6 credits as well as a maximum of 15 credits for each semester.
  • All international students will need to register and complete Basic Malay Skills in the first semester.


English Language Requirements for Admission to University Putra Malaysia (UPM)

English Test

Required Grad


  • Paper-based–550
  • Internet-based – (79-80)
  • Computer-based – 213


  • Band 6.0 forAcademic Training

Note - The validity period for requirement should not be more than five (5) years.


The previous English requirements are not required for the following native English Speaking and Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada, India, Mauritius, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United State of America.


Do you actually face troubles in having either the IELTS or TOEFL test? Then, you can apply to enter the Non-Graduating Program for a time period of six months "one semester". It is essential to understand that through the Non-Graduating Program period, you're not permitted to take any kind of academic courses.


Essential Documents Requisite

The list of documents for the purpose of admission to UPM University, are provided on here.

The UPM accommodation is undoubtedly an extension of the education and learning to students, in which they could benefit from all of the facilities as well as services such as learning centers, social activities, life-skills programs, and sporting activities.

UPM provides accommodation and transit point for students. There are two kinds of residence, one of them is located on the campus and the other one outside the campus.

On-campus accommodation

1- Residential College

  • It is comfortable and easy to access all facilities in campus.
  • Located near the International Center.
  • It is available In single and sharing rooms.
  • Kitchen pantry,cafeteria and laundry.
  • The on-campus provides many facilities such as study rooms, meeting rooms, TV rooms, prayer room, activity room, and ICT room.

2- Ibnu Battuta House (IBH) and International Transit House (ITH)

The (IBH) and the (ITH) are temporary residence for international students, the accommodation is limited only for 11 months, they are located near the staff residence. They Provide 160 apartments complete with furniture and home appliances. The charge rate per week will cost - RM250 and for month will cost - RM1000. 

Off-campus accommodation

  • Located 15 minutes from the UPM campus.
  • The Off-campus accommodation Provides 100 apartments.
  • The full charge rate with equipment will cost - RM650/month.
  • The full charge rate without equipment will cost - RM500/month.


Process of Booking Accommodation

1. Receipt of acceptance letter

2. Visa processing

3. Dispatch of accommodation application form upon intimation via email

4. Submission of accommodation application form, duly filled up along with flight ticket and deposit fee

5. Processing of Accommodation as per specifications

NOTE – Accommodation will be processed only for those students who are in possession on a valid visa and a duly filled in admission application form.


Other facilities

Associations & Clubs

A larger variety of associations and clubs is specified into several categories. Students might select from many different types of associations or clubs such as martial arts, cultural, sports, and leadership.

Food & Beverages

There are actually more than ten cafeterias available everywhere on the UPM compound, providing many different food choices from a variety of flavors with acceptable prices.


UPM is providing recreational sports that in fact take the students away from the study stress and the needs of work. Expo Hill or more commonly known as Bukit Expo, it provides relaxing activities for students such as boating, fishing, camping, sport, carnivals, and fairs along with the opportunity to sight the occasional fox.

UPM University offers a wide range of programs for the students to choose from. In the following tables, we have listed their available programs along with the tuition fees. 

We have prepared our own UPM Fee chart particularly for all International students where you can find all course fee's and every other details in table format. Feel free to Contact us to receive your own copy.



University Putra Malaysia is announcing this new scholarship, the International Graduate Student Scholarship (IGSS), it is currently available for the application. This scholarship was made to supply the financial assistance for students with a brilliant academic record from nations within South Asia , Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The Eligibility

  • fulfilled the general application requirements for international students.
  • Master degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.50.
  • The intending to conduct research in priority areas relevant to UPM.
  • At least one article has published in an academic journal.

The scholarship covers approximately fifty percent (up to RM 20,000.00) of the learning fees throughout six semesters of study subject to annual review of student’s academic progress. The offer begins in the First Semester of 2018.

Overview of University Putra Malaysia (UPM)

  • Official Name (English)
    Putra University Malaysia
  • Official Name (Malay)
    Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Short Name
  • Type
  • >800
  • Age
    48 Years
  • About University Putra Malaysia (UPM)

    UPM University Malaysia is also known as University Putra Malaysia. This university is one of the top most universities in Malaysia, in terms of teaching and research. UPM is one among the country’s five leading research universities and known for its highly-committed discovery of knowledge. UPM is considered as one of the best universities, which offers one of the best learning experiences to all its students. School of graduate studies or SGS manages the postgraduate studies in the university, which is a prestigious institute in itself with a very strong focus on innovation and knowledge. UPM or University Putra Malaysia is among one of the country’s five leading research universities. 80% of the academic staff in the university holds Ph.D. from reputed institutes and universities. The university produces the highest number of Ph.D. students in the country. For over 2 decades, UTM has produced more than half of the country’s commercialized research and development projects.

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