Step 1: Sign up in 1 minute

Consultation, before arrival in Malaysia

Our consultation service is done in four different ways: By Email, By Phone, Though the website chats and of course verbally in your presence. All information about what you have decided or what we think works the best for you included choosing a relevant program, university and city of living, general criteria and required documents to get admission, visa procedure for applicant and his/her companions, overall fees and expenses in Malaysia; will be given to you as a most reliable resource.


Step 2: Apply & Admission

Getting admission, before arrival in Malaysia

After receiving all information from the consultation team, you will be ready to make your final decision about your university & your program and in so doing our services are:

  • To guide students providing a standard official letters such as: Work Experience, Financial support and Resume
  • Investigating and then evaluating the applicant’s documents
  • To adjust the applicant’s online application and submitting their correct documents to the chosen university or college.
  • Application Fee; Those who yet doesn’t have an international bank account or some difficulties to pay the application fee to their favorite university would have an alternative to do it indirectly by us in which after we make the payment on their behalf, will give them back the receipt to present it to university.
  • Persisting the applicant’s case in admission procedure
  • Receiving the offer letter (Admission) from university or college and send it back to applicant’s address
  • Persisting the applicant’s case in Visa procedure


Step 3: And your ready

After arrival in Malaysia

We are with you to :

  • Students will be accompanied by MUIC Institution till very last moments when all they concerns are totally averted.
  • Welcoming and airport pick up to your dwelling place which might be a hotel, dormitory or your apartment.
  • Choosing the best between hotels in case of applicant’s budget and a better access to the university or college
  • To advice students in renting house or booking the dormitory in advance
  • To introduce more impartial exchange offices to students
  • To advice students how to buy a lap top
  • To advice students about shopping malls and how to cut their early expenses
  • To advice how to use public transportation
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