How to get Malaysian student visa?

There are four steps to get student visa:

  • Students receive offer letter form a Malaysian educational center in their origin country
  • Students prepare their documents to apply for visa department of that educational center like a university and receive another letter in their origin country which is called “Approval letter” or “VDR” for public centers.
  • Applicant is considered eligible from now on to introduce himself/herself and his/her dependents included spouse, children and sometimes parents to the Malaysian embassy to proceed with a visa called “Social visa”
  • Applicant inters Malaysia and registers in the mentioned educational center and gives his/her passport in order for the “student visa” to be issued after all.

How long does it take to receive VDR/ Approval letter?

It takes about 30-50 workdays depends on whether you applied for a public or private university. There is usually a faster procedure for private universities to send Approval letters which could sometimes take less than 30 workdays.

How to extend the student visa?

  • It actually depends on where you study and what your program is, but totally it refers to your educational center. There is an international affairs department in every university or college in which you have to extend your students visa every year.
  • Students must apply to extend their student visa at least 2 months earlier than expiration date.
  • The student visa extension takes 2 Months at max.

Is it possible to change my visa type?

Yes but take note that you can’t apply for two visas at the same time. Just for instance, if you want to apply for a student visa from a university that recently has given you the offer letter but right now you are studying English in a college that means you have to first withdraw form this college, cancel your English-learning visa and only then, apply for the new university you want to study.

Who could be my dependent?

Spouse(s), Children and Parents are considered your dependents and could company you during your study time.

What are the criteria of getting visa for my dependents?

  • Bachelor: All applicants can get dependent visa.
  • Master: Full time and coursework program applicants can get dependent visa.
  • PHD: Full time and at least 12 month staying in row applicants can get dependent visa.
  • English colleges: No dependent visa
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