Admission Process in Malaysia

First: Consultation for choosing your college
As the very first step and right after a whole study of our website, you can directly call our consultants figuring out what is the best program and university for you. Click here to call our consultants.

Second: Completion of your documents and sending them to us
To see what required documents are, click here.

Third: Evaluation of your documents by us
After we receive your documents, we will evaluate them within 24 hours if there is anything wrong or incomplete.

Fourth: To make your profile and sending your documents
If your documents are complete, your profile will be automatically made and we give you your profile number which indicates what you have applied for. So from that moment till the end, you have to mention your profile number if you want to know about natural process and so on. Don’t forget that it’s impossible to verify emails without the profile number due to the multi requests.

Fifth: Banking affairs
Application fee receipt (An amount of money you pay to an organization such as universities as the charge of evaluating your documents through a process you have already applied for.) should be attached to your profile.

Sixth: Sending your profile to university or college
Your complete profile will be sent to your selected college by us and if there was no problem in your documents you will receive your offer letter

Seventh: Approval letter
The letter in which you are considered qualified to study in a college or a private university to peruse your interests or further studies. This letter is issued by EMGS as an organization responsible for non-public educational institutions. Applicants have an advantage to directly check out their working progress which is presented by percentage. So it’s somehow a lot easier to plan for tomorrow and therefore you will be always one step ahead of time!