Cost of Living

What is the cost of living in Malaysia?

The average cost of living in Malaysia is 500-600 $ USD per month which includes the accommodation rent, food, clothing, transportation, limited recreation for a single person.


How is the food and clothing situation like?

Basically food is cheap in Malaysia. You can have a meal out from 2.5-8 USD or buy ingredients such as 1Kg meat for 5-6 USD, 1Kg rice for 3-4 USD and …. Closing also can be just amazing in Malaysia especially because of vast majority of famous brands and occasionally mega sales which gives you the chance to buy high-quality clothing with good prices.


What is cost of telecommunication?

Two types of sim cards are available everywhere around the Malaysia: Prepaid and Postpaid. “Maxis” “Celcom” “Digi” are considered the biggest and internationally-established operators which their services are almost the same. If prepaid sim cards are not charged for more than 3 month, they’d be deactivated. There is almost a 2 RM fee per minute for a direct call Malaysia to Middle-east.


Is it possible for a student to open a bank account in Malaysia?

You should necessarily obtain your student visa before and then all banking system will be available for you.