Studying in Malaysia And Cost

How much is the tuition fee?

Depends on the university and program you applied for. You can check it about all universities and program in our website or ask our counselors to make sure about it.


Is dormitory available for international students?

Yes it is in almost all of universities but it might be out of campus sometimes. Basically the conditions of dormitory and its facilities vary based on your program and university and it’s from 450 – 1000 RM.


Is there any age-limit to apply for Malaysian universities?

No, there is not but there might be some limitation of at max 30 years old only in BSc of some universities.


What are some more effective items to get admission from Malaysian universities?

Your total average in your last degree means a lot to most of public universities. It should be over {15/20 or 3/4 or B} but if it’s not, having a proper working experience and a good CV are also quite effective and definitely make up your shortage.


Does the subject of my proposal have an impact on the admission procedure?

Yes. If it’s written in a standard format, it definitely has a great impact on your admission procedure. If your subject is irrelevant or not interesting enough you are in danger of being rejected.


What’s the difference between By-Course and By-Research programs?

It usually happens for postgraduate students to cheese between by-course, by-research and by-course & research programs.

Take not that in some countries by-research programs are not reevaluated by their educational system.


Is it possible for a graduating student in his final semester to apply for another university?

No, it is not. In order to apply for most of Malaysian universities, it’s compulsory to complete your documents included your certification and transcript though there are rarely some universities in which you are able to apply before your graduation.


How we could pay the Application Fee?


Scanned or original documents are needed to apply?

All applicants are required to provide colored scan of their documents and deliver it to us for further steps. Of course the original of scanned documents are also needed at the main registration time in university.


Is it possible to simultaneously study in two programs?

No, you can study in just one full-time program.


If my opinion changes to apply for another university, is it possible?

Yes, it is. In that case you have to first withdraw from your current university when you receive the offer letter form the new university.


Are English certifications such as IELTS or TOEFL necessary to apply?

Depends on the university and program you select, that might vary. In fact, in some universities you must have had your English certification before you apply but in some not. So you’d better ask our consultants if you want to make sure about it.


What are the acceptable IELTS or TOEFL scores to apply for universities in Malaysia?


Is there any age-limit to apply for English colleges?

Yes, there is the range of 17 – 30 to apply for English Colleges.


What are the required documents to apply for Malaysian universities?

Depends on your level if you’re applying for BSc, MSc, PhD or English colleges that would be different but here all required documents are listed. You need just some of them for each level not all of them:

(“College” or” foundation” is a year of study after high-school and before going to university.  Those who do not have college certificate should first fulfill the one-year college degree in their university before their main program.)